Digging Out the Side of a Mountain – Sperryville, VA

GoPro Footage

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Peaceful Afternoon (Timelapse)

The amazing song in this short timelapse is called “Avril 14th” by Aphex Twin.  You can download it here (and check out some other weird stuff while you’re at it): http://www.drukqs.net/

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Potomac River Kayak Timelapse

I recently purchased a GoPro Hero 3… it is amazing.  Here is a little timelapse of a kayak trip with my buddies on the Potomac River.  We went from Algonkian Park down to Riverbend Park.  Total distance was about 8.75 miles and took us about 5.5 hours.  As you can see, we took our time and stopped on a few islands along the way.  The GoPro was attached to the kayak with the brand’s super-adhesive surfboard mount.  Watch in HD if p0ssible with your configuration.

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