Salt Point State Park

The magnificent Salt Point State Park in northern California, somewhere between Gerstle Cove and Stump Beach.

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Wave Crash

The powerful force of the ocean on display.  This was in northern California at Salt Point State Park.

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Morning Magnolias

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Ghostly Redwoods

Beautiful foggy morning in Sonoma County, CA.

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Stump Beach

This was a much more pleasant day at Stump Beach (compared to this rainy day).


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Ghost Surfer at Stump Beach

Ghost Surfer

Behold, Stump Beach.  Perhaps one of the neatest places on earth.  This was a particularly eerie day at Stump.  Yes, it was cold, gray, and foggy, but that’s normal for this area.  What stood out to me was the stillness of the air and the quietness of the ocean.  Usually there are huge waves marching through the narrow cove that smash on the rocky walls, creating a plume of ocean mist that the wind whips into your face.  But not on this day.  To add to the effect, there greeting you was a noticeably empty surfer’s mask, perched on a piece of bone-like driftwood as a warning to all ye who enter.

Good stuff.  Amazing day.

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